Current Obsession.

cmWhen I began my love affair with photography, it was all film, darkrooms, and chemicals. Now, in the digital era, it’s all megapixels, lightroom, and presets. Gah, where to begin?! There is so much information out there on the internet from youtube, to blogs, and forums. Google is the great and powerful Oz for everything but when there is too much information, it’s hard to learn in any organized way. It feels like I will never be able to learn it all! How do people have the time?

I work full-time, I’m a mom, I take college courses…I don’t have enough time in the day. Then recently somehow, probably a link, from a link to another, from another link, l came upon a website that I wish I discovered years ago.

Clickin Moms is beautiful and inspiring with tips, forums, tutorials and filled with so many talented women all there to help each other learn all things photography and it’s not just for moms. Without hesitation, I signed up for the monthly access membership to be connected to all this education, how could I not?? Plus, I found a discount code (see code below) on the Clickin Moms Facebook, which was 20% off for a year, so it’s less than $8 a month and worth it for the freebies alone.

Another option for members and non-members is their online Click Photo School. I am currently enrolled in the course, Mastering Manuel. I take the self-paced study along version in which I have access to all the assignments, videos and PDF booklets. I do not have the ability to post and ask questions to the instructor, but I can see and read everything. Instead, they have a separate forum for study along students to interact, post assignment pictures and bounce ideas among ourselves. The price difference is what motivated me to choose the study along course. $150 versus the $300. Don’t let the price scare you off. (it definitely almost made me). After reading the first PDF I already learned so much more than I did when googling. Be sure download/save everything for future use! I am so happy I enrolled despite my hesitation. I feel a site like this, where so many talented women photographers began was a perfect starting point for my journey.  Check out Clickin Moms here! and use code FB1720 for 20% off the monthly membership! Trust me, it’s so worth it.


IMG_2017It’s funny how when you are young the world seems so accessible. It also feels like you have so much time. However, in reality, moments turn into memories that you swear just happened yesterday. Don’t let moments fall through your fingers. Don’t let memories be regrets or “what-ifs”. Don’t settle. Don’t go to a job you hate because “everybody hates their job”. Don’t not do that thing because you are too scared of failure or rejection. I am 40 years old and I have the same thoughts, same feelings, same humor, as I did when I was 19. I still make mistakes (like that double-negative above, ha) I still change my mind, I still have dreams. I may be a mom now at a time I still feel like I need mine. BUT I REFUSE to be that old woman who sits alone and thinks of all the things I should’ve done. Take this post as a push to do that thing. You know what it is.



Yes, I took a photograph of a rock to practice some spot metering 😛 (text & picture made with canva)