Because life is never posed.

Photographs that show real emotion are my passion. I enjoy a good portrait, and there are some breathtaking ones I had the honor of seeing, but it is the photos that are taken without warning, raw, organic, maybe a little dark or blurred in some spots, to me, are magic. The picture above is a photo I took of my boyfriend of 11 years and our dog Charlie, unannounced and completely candid. His hair messy, cuts on his hands and I’m sure permanently dirty from his hard job. Real emotion caught in a moment.

You could plan your life as much as you can, but it will never turn out as planned. I welcome you to follow me on my journey of the second half of my life as I begin a voyage of becoming a lifestyle photographer. Even though in a sense, I am not a beginner. At the age of 12 I was placed in yearbook in middle school and then chosen randomly to take photos and work in the darkroom. The moment I developed my first picture, I knew what I needed to be. But of course, life happens and photography became something that I often thought about or admired but never fully jumped in. I did take classes in college, pretty much mastered iphone picture taking, but not until now, at the age of 40, I have decided to pursue this dream I had for so many years. I am unsure where it will take me, but this is a gift to myself and I know what is meant to be, will happen. I have a lot to learn, attempting to teach myself lightroom, finally getting away from the automatic function on my camera, different lens (I could go on and on!) and letting this take me on a journey that stopped before it even began.

Sony a6000  ISO 3200  50mm  f2.0  1/100 sec.