IMG_2017It’s funny how when you are young the world seems so accessible. It also feels like you have so much time. However, in reality, moments turn into memories that you swear just happened yesterday. Don’t let moments fall through your fingers. Don’t let memories be regrets or “what-ifs”. Don’t settle. Don’t go to a job you hate because “everybody hates their job”. Don’t not do that thing because you are too scared of failure or rejection. I am 40 years old and I have the same thoughts, same feelings, same humor, as I did when I was 19. I still make mistakes (like that double-negative above, ha) I still change my mind, I still have dreams. I may be a mom now at a time I still feel like I need mine. BUT I REFUSE to be that old woman who sits alone and thinks of all the things I should’ve done. Take this post as a push to do that thing. You know what it is.



Yes, I took a photograph of a rock to practice some spot metering 😛 (text & picture made with canva)